Building Quilt Blocks…

Week 15 of One a Week

I designed these blocks for Abby Vargas’ Exquisite Quilt project. Several people have contributed to three previous Exquisite quilts and these are for quilt number four.

The Exquisite Quilt project is an idea she got from the exquisite corpse art technique where a piece of paper was folded and each artist involved drew a portion of a body without seeing the other portions until the whole body was completed.

For Abby Vargas’ Exquisite Quilt project (instagram @exquisitequilt), each quilt block is made with one, two, or three one inch connectors in the center of the side of the block in the main designated color. The other two colors and pattern are of the quilter’s choice within the guidelines she gives. In this case we were told to pick a green and a brown to go with the main salmon color. (Unfortunately, my photos of the salmon fabric don’t show up as the same – but they really are.)

My hope is to eventually make patterns for my blocks and post them on Etsy and keep inspiring you to think outside the box and make something creative.

Keep on crafting! One a Week @cjbuerer on InstaGram

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