Back to January!

After a Christmas Break, I am back to my One-a-Week projects. Due to Holiday activities there were two week that no projects got finished: week 9 and week 12. Here are the results for weeks 10-11, 13-14.

Week 10: I made a Christmas Stocking to donate to a charitable organization. However….then forgot to take a photo before sending it off!

Week 11: The Diamond Table Mat shown below began as part of the stocking project, but it wasn’t proportionally right for the stocking pattern. So I turned it into a table decor item with hand stitching in alternating green and red thread through each row of diamonds.

Week 13: My friend had given this quilt-top (below) to me to stitch the three layers together (which is the actual quilting part of making a quilt) to have it ready for her niece’s birthday in January. It’s finished with straight and curved lines to accentuate the diamond design. She used the Azure Skies pattern.

Azure Skies

Also in Week 13, I finished up a scrap quilt that was started last June during a Quilting Retreat. The fabric squares were cut from fabrics I had on hand and many more from the “free table” at retreat. The outside edge is finished with scraps of quilt binding left over from previous projects. This will be donated to a person in need.

Scrappy Quilt

Week 14: Below is the last of 10 quilt blocks (squares) for my Build a Quilt project that I started in 2019! Finally, the blocks are all finished and I can move on to piecing them together into the design shown below.

There is a lot of satisfaction in getting projects finished. The ones made for others give joy to someone else as well as giving me a sense of accomplishment. If you have something you want to finish and you’re just not getting “around to it” — try setting aside 15 or 30 minutes a day or twice a week to make progress

2 thoughts on “Back to January!

  1. Your quilts are beautiful Candice. I need to follow your advice. 15-30 min. a day. I used to say the same thing to my Blog followers, but I let it kinda go by the wayside. Thank you for the good reminder. Happy New Year! Hugs, Heidi


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