Projects 6 and 7 of 52

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! I skipped posting during the Holiday weekend, but am back at it.

There was a sewing event online a couple of weeks ago from which I adapted this tree quilt block. Mine is a little off center and the tree trunk is not a straight rectangle. Very fun! It is padded with two layers of cotton batting and a layer of Insul-Bright to keep hands cool while lifting hot pans. Project 6 of 52 completed…

Last month a fellow guild member asked for volunteers to make blue strip blocks for a quilt she is making for a former quilt guild president. Some of the blocks will have sailboats. I designed this Paper Pieced block on my ElectricQuilter 8 software and printed out the paper piecing patterns on newsprint. It printed out in strips, the pieces of fabric were laid out on the stitch lines of the paper and sewn in place. When each strip was finished they were then assembled in order to create this Sailboat on point. The finished quilt will have the blocks arranged on point, as shown, creating a diamond like pattern. Project 7 of 52 finished!

Next week – I should have a quilting project done…

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