Happy New Year: Prioritize!

Rather than making resolutions, which many people find doesn’t initiate a lasting change, I will begin this year by sorting all my to do’s, goals, wishes, and want to’s into a semblance of order.

2021 Quilt Projects List

Lists are great, but they don’t tell the story about which items are necessary, really want to do, or maybe’s for the future. So I begin with the major categories of my life: spiritual, health, family, business. Within each will come a list and be rated on a scale of 1 (when I get around to it) to 5 (absolutely necessary). Then there is the matter of determining how much time each task will take and setting a schedule for the weekly, monthly, and yearly projects.

WHOA!! That all sounds so technical and time-consuming!!!

Consider the other option: make no plan and just “fly by the seat of your pants”. With no plan, distractions and rabbit trails will sabotage your efforts, much less will be accomplished and you may find yourself frustrated or even depressed.

2021 Hand Painted Christmas Postcard

FUN!!! Make sure that you plan time for fun and relaxation as well as getting your work done. Fortunately, as a Quilter and Artist many of the things I have on my list are not only my work, but also bring a sense of fulfillment and joy to my life.

So in December I was able to hand paint six postcards; make a Kimono, three hanging travel bags, and a Kitty Klutch (handbag); can three kinds of jam; mend; make homemade tamales, 2 pumpkin pies and 1 mince meat pie. All while having plenty of time to relax (with the exception of about 5 days of compulsive crafting of the above) and enjoy the season and attend three parties. Yes, there were times I got tired, but the sense of accomplishment and the joy expressed by recipients of my gifts made it all worthwhile.

Blessings for the years to come! Candice


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